Are you French? Oui

7 Mar

Is it so wrong for the French to be Francophile’s?

Say what you will about the French, but they are a country that has an identity, and I think, have a certain pride in being their own nationality and not afraid to admit it.

So what’s wrong with that?

I ask this because I spotted a headline on the BBC newsfeed yesterday that said;

“Nicolas Sarkozy says France has too many foreigners”.

The sub-headline adds that the French President believes France has too many foreigners and that they are increasingly not assimilating.

This is not a situation unique to France, as many prosperous western countries face this issue as well. While debate can last into the night about the issue in the United States, the “land of immigrants”, I don’t see why France, or Germany, or England, or any country for that matter should be criticized for their desire to stay what they are and have been.

Why shouldn’t France expect immigrants to assimilate to French standards? If you move to France you should want to be as French as possible, not continuing the same life you led in the country you are seeking to get out from, most likely cause it sucks. Why would you move someplace if you didn’t want to be there and just wanted to live like you did in the place you came from?

France has the right to expect its immigrants to at least attempt to be French. They are French and living in France after all. If the immigrants have done a poor job making efforts (or none at all) to assimilate, than France should get on their case like parents on a lazy deadbeat underachieving child. You gonna live in that basement forever…

France is French and full of Frenchies. Say what you will about them, but they are a country that has an identity and I’d hate to see them lose it.




Even if they are cheese-eating surrender monkeys.


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