It’s a new day in Afghanistan…no not really

12 Mar

Rage in Afghanistan has been further enflamed after a US solider massacred 16 Afghan civilians yesterday. There is no word yet on why he’s done this, but he apparently has turned himself in after returning to his base afterwards.

As expected Afhgan President Hamid Karazi is outraged. He said the acts are “unforgivable” and that “This is an assassination, an intentional killing of innocent civilians and cannot be tolerated.”

On top of that the BBC reports that the lower house of the Afghan Parliament said they have “run out of patience with the arbitrary actions of foreign forces”.

Curiously neither President Karzai or the Afghan Parliament had nothing to say when 36 people were killed in the Koran burning fracas of the previous two weeks.

It is easy to imagine that they would run out of patience with the foreign troops, what with them all being a bunch of rag tag amateurs who couldn’t possibly be as enlightened or competent as the Afghans themselves. I’m sure the Afghan government is asking itself right now if they should allow foreign troops to stay in their country. “Why did we trade a cruel and sadistic government that beat and killed or wives, children, and friends on a weekly schedule, for these foreigners who cause maybe one problem a year?”

Why is there outrage over one US soldier having a bad day, but when the Taliban use entire villages as human shields and then kill the inhabitants anyway, there isn’t even a murmur?

Double standard much?

I thought President Obama was supposed to massage all the anger and hatred against the United States out of every country on earth after he was elected?

On top of all that bologna, there is this story over at, Shocker:Afghan Air Force Investigated for Drug Running.

So now they’re using planes we bought them to run drugs and fund the guys we’re supposed to be fighting. And we wonder why the soldier for the reported massacre flipped-out.

Afghanistan is maddening, I’m all for grabbing every last piece of US equipment, whether it belongs to us or them, closing the US embassy again and getting the heck out and leaving them to their own, consequences be damned.

It’s like working with children, but not even your own children who’ll listen to you, but some other lazy, couldn’t give two turds parents kids. The kids that have no authority in their life and run around destroying everything and doing whatever they want cause mom and dad think it’s too much work to parent cause their kids don’t listen anyway (not that it’s the kids fault anyway, but that’s a story for another time).

Besides the United States has that war with Iran coming soon and we should rest up for that.


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