Old versus New

13 Mar

No Rage today, surely there’s something out there to spark it, but I’d rather have the day off from it.

Plus today’s news item doesn’t deserve rage.

Head on over to Spiegel.de for this interesting photography feature by Solveig Grothe titled Reunification Renovations: A Massive Facelift for Eastern Germany“. The piece compares still photos of locations in communist East Germany and what those sites look like today. I love photography and I have an interest in many things German so this story was right up my alley.

If I have to connect the story to rage, I’ll say it shows just how much more preferable Capitalism is to Communism. A system where people care for their own needs is always going to be further ahead of one where someone else is supposed to do it for you. Cause after all, the people in the government are to busy taking care of themselves to take care of you .


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