Almost Made It.

20 Mar

While watching this video I was surprised. I thought I might be able to make it through a whole Bill Maher segment without raging (I don’t have HBO and never watch Maher, but I can’t stand his I can’t lose cause I say whatever I want regardless of accuracy or reality attitude).

I was wrong.

Now I’m still impressed that the segment was aired, though I wonder if the flak Maher has recently taken didn’t have something to do with it. But more so I was surprised to see Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra, is the one who made the video.

First she went to Mississippi and interviewed rednecks who didn’t like Obama. Fair enough I suppose, but to interview welfare Queens in New York in the same context was very admirable. To be as fair as she was, given who her mother is, shocked me enough to say I might be a fan of hers, depending on what she does in the future.

However here’s my problems.

She brings up the point that there’s “$70 m food stamps and $700 m for defense and mentions wall st.  if we’re gonna talk about the entitlement culture“, but she never really finishes the statement. I don’t know if she’s one of those “well if we didn’t spend so much on defense” liberals, or making the point that we spend too much on everything. I agree with the later, but not the former.

My other problem with the segment is with Maher. Specifically in his comparisons of the white guys and black guys.

First he says this, when they discuss the white doorman from the video and his take on things.

“most doormen are white, they don’t usually hire black doormen

Is it really that they simply do not hire black doormen, or is it more likely that black men are not employable to be doormen?

The thread continues when Maher references how the black men state they deserve welfare because they were in prison or this countries history involved slaves;

“the black guys legacy is real, the white guy his legacy is a chip on his shoulder…they could get over it, psychologically…I think the black legacy is a little more real

Why can the white guy simply get over his problems, but the black guy can’t get over the fact that half of this country had slavery 150 years ago? I thought we were all supposed to be equal. Doesn’t seem equal to me if one person is told tough shit while the other is coddled and told everything is gonna be okay, it’s not your fault.

Why, is the white guy is supposed to just get over his “psychological problems”, but the black guy isn’t expected to throw off the weight of “black culture” and become employable. Get educated, dress professionally, be well spoken, and fulfill the responsibility of fatherhood. Anyone can claim to be a victim of society, even Paris Hilton.

The fact is nearly 50 percent of black males fail to graduate high school. 50 percent! And in some cities the rate is even lower. Maybe the white guy does have psychological problems, but that’s a far more complicated affair than having an education problem. It’s not lack of funding, look at any inner city school district’s budget/finances for an instant aneurysm.

Yeah it’s true that being black in America comes with problems. You’re looked at as being lower. But that doesn’t stop black people from becoming successful and what is it that’s different about successful black people? They took advantage of the system and didn’t play the helpless victim.

If black people ever want to see their collective status rise in America we need to have this discussion without worrying about stepping on a few peoples toes. Are we worried about hurting that white guys feelings with his “psychological problems”?

The fact is that a black person is;

  • less likely to graduate high school, or earn a college degree
  • more likely to go to jail
  • grow up in a single parent household
  • has a lower life expectancy

There are probably many more things that could be mentioned.

To be fair white people aren’t perfect and suffer from many of these problems too, but since we never focus on white people in the national discussion, why start here?

As long as black people continue to play the victim and are excused from taking accountability for their own success or failure they will continue to be the stuck at the bottom of American society.


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