Not So Holy Rollers

21 Mar

Bay news 9 in Florida reports;

Offended by religious group’s highway blessing, atheists ‘scrub’ it away

When it comes to religious arguments I tend to take the side of whomever is being picked on. I respect everyone’s right to practice and make their own religious choices, that also includes those who make the choice of no religion at all.

Whatever your religious choice I support it, share and discuss it with your friends, be proud of it. It’s a part of who you are.

But the moment you make your religion, or absence of, into a public display to prove a point, I lose some of that respect for you and will switch to support the other side.

Atheists have been getting a lot of recognition lately for getting themselves organized, mostly in efforts to fight religious pressure or encroachment or whatever they want to call it. What they fail to realize is that in their fight against religion they are acting out in the same way which they criticize these various religion for.

I agree it’s annoying to be hounded or subjected to the unwanted religious discourse of a complete stranger, but what makes the atheists any different in their counter-attacks.

While I support and respect their beliefs, their public flaunting of it doesn’t make it no more acceptable.

Rather than breaking away from the establishment and doing their own thing, these atheists are becoming exactly what  they are fighting against.


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