In Case of Emergency; Seize All The National Resources

23 Mar

From President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources.

Apparently President Obama IS capable of long-term thinking. Since the Executive Order he created gives him the power to take control at will over the United States energy, production, transportation, food, and water resources at any time.

But surely he would only do such a thing in an “emergency”, when his judgement alone is the only one capable of making the “correct” decision and the vote of congress is nothing but a hindrance to the achievement of progress in the United States. That has to be the truth, otherwise I can’t imagine why this Order would stipulate that it is permissible in “peacetime” as well as in “war”. He’s just being prepared right? We would want to be caught surprised and then have Congress hold sideshow contraception hearings instead of handling the crisis or…actually I don’t know, what is a peacetime crisis called actually? A domestic disturbance perhaps?

Surely we don’t need to worry about constitutionality in this issue. He would never intend to DO such a thing as is allowed by this law, no no, he clearly just wants everyone to be more comfortable knowing that we have a leader who can rapidly seize any asset in the country at will. Seriously, how many times do we find ourselves, as a nation, asking “Gee if we could only just take what we need and not have to pay or care who it belongs to”.

Since the President is clearly trying to be prepared for “disaster” or those pesky “domestic disturbances”, I am soon expecting another Executive Order to come down that gives the President the right to chain the workers of the seized assets to their work stations. You know, in case they’d rather go home and be with their family when the nation needs them to forcibly work to continue it’s fight for good.

The only problem I see with this issue, is that the news media is making way to big of deal of it. I mean this is really nothing and yet just look at all the coverage it’s getting. The media clearly has it out for President Obama, I mean they hardly even touched on the PATRIOT Act when we had President Bush. It’s completely unfair and biased.

Enough of the sarcasm, and if you couldn’t pick up on that, I suggest you attempt to improve your 5th grade reading level or lay off the hooch. Regardless of my sarcastic method of delivery the issue remains serious.

Ironically if President Obama would have waited a week and signed the Executive Order today, it would mark the 79th anniversary of the passing of the Enabling Act of 1933.

The Enabling Act (German: Ermächtigungsgesetz) was passed by Germany‘s Reichstag and signed by President Paul von Hindenburg on 23 March 1933. It was the second major step, after the Reichstag Fire Decree, through which Chancellor Adolf Hitler legally obtained plenary powers and established his dictatorship. It received its name from its legal status as an enabling act granting the Cabinet the authority to enact laws without the participation of the Reichstag. The act stated that it was to last for four years unless renewed by the Reichstag, which occurred twice.

While the Germans put the motion through the full legal process, it still is exactly the same as this Executive Order. “granting the Cabinet the authority to enact laws without the participation of the Reichstag”.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the United States soon has it’s own “Reichstag fire”.


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