You Spent How Much!?

26 Mar

From, Angry groom set wedding hotel ablaze.

This is a perfect image of what is wrong on so many levels with society today, and although this instance happened in England, it easily could have been an American and i’m sure you can easily find an example of one as well.

The wedding cost £30,000 or approximately $50,000. It’s no wonder the bride-groom set the hotel on fire when he was putting himself into such debt, and just for a wedding. It’s not as though he was spending the money on anything he was actually going to receive a benefit from by spending that much more than a more reasonably priced event.

Does a $50,000 wedding offer any more security than say a $10,000 affair? One could easily argue that the more money the wedding costs, the less likely it is to succeed in the long run. Here’s a helpful bit of advice to men everywhere, if the woman you intend on marrying MUST have an expensive, elaborate wedding in order for it to be meaningful, leave her. Not only will you be throwing money in a hole for the wedding, but you’ll lose even more when you end up divorced and you will cause no woman with that mentality is going to be tolerable for long.

Sadly however these extravagant weddings are become more common. Much like the “sweet 16” birthday parties, where teenagers are competing to have the “coolest” party. Not only is it ridiculous, it’s just plain dumb.

I have the belief that the things people do and say when they’re drunk, which apparently this bride-groom was, are things they want to do and say when they are sober but lack the guts or courage.

This unfortunate man saw the problem coming as it says in the story, but even worse he knew it was a problem and still kept up with it.

It’s the lack of common sense like this that makes me wonder whether western society can redeem itself or if it’s all going downhill and resistance is futile.



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