Book: Hitler’s Panzers by Dennis Showalter

28 Mar

I just finished reading Dennis Showalters Hitler’s Panzers and thought, why not try my hand with a book review.

Hitler’s Panzers is an excellent book for the entry-level history buff. The book is well written and easy to read for those who are already familiar with the basic history of World War 2, but would like to know more about the German experiences and events that led them to wage war in the manner  that they did.

Not thick with unnecessary details or encyclopedic tangents, the book is easy to read and sheds light on just how the Wehrmacht developed its “Blitzkrieg” tactics to how it used them all the way up the desperate position they found themselves in the wars latter stages.

Showalter has clearly done his research as he demonstrates a tremendous knowledge of World War 2 and references the operations in each theatre at a strategic level and offers enough insight into the allied side of operations to more clearly explain things, but still the book maintains it’s dedication to its theme throughout.

For those who have always ended up confused while keeping all the different pieces of organized and understood,  Hitler’s Panzers should help clear some of that up with it’s informative breakdown of the different types of both Axis and Allied armored equipment.


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