French Riot Season is Almost Here

28 Mar

Thanks to the BBC again for anything highlight. Vigilance call after French Jews hit by new attacks.

No, the article is not 2 weeks old, it’s actually from today. The story reveals that their have been several new attacks against Jewish targets in France. While the new attacks haven’t been on the same level as the recent shootings, it is all very clearly linked.

It’s too bad that France (and they aren’t alone in this problem, but that’s a story for another time) cannot act with the freedom to call these problems what they are and that includes the original shootings by the now dead Merah.

What they are is anti-semitism from Muslims. Anti-semitism isn’t new to France, in fact it’s not new to most places, and neither is Muslim anger and outrage in France. Unfortunately France is so politically-correct and afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings that they cannot simply state this.

I would’ve bet money on the Merah shootings having an Islamic connection and what a surprise, they did! But did anyone say so? Hardly. The French didn’t want to step on any toes and the press willingly obliged them.

Why is it that when someone fails to integrate into a society they elected to join, is it the fault of the society for not giving them enough? As if they weren’t pampered anyway.

Why is it that the problem is never stated as someone who is adherent to an ideology that conflicts with everyone else?

I thought common sense of law said that your rights end where mine begin. You don’t like Jews? You detest France’s foreign policy? You despise the government for attempting to limit your ‘dole’? Great, then don’t live in France if these are such big problems for you.

It’s time for everyone to put everyone to put on their big boy pants so they can be told they’re just going to have to deal with their problems because the world doesn’t revolve around you.

This should be a continuing story this year. After all it’s getting close to the summer riot season in France.


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