Made In China or You Get What You Pay For

30 Mar

Check out this article from GAO Buys Fake Submarine Parts From China.

According to the article, the GAO setup a sting type operation to buy parts for US military equipment only to find out the parts were fakes. It’s bad enough if the parts are fake but worse is not knowing how many other parts weren’t decidly fake, but rather just shoddy or defective.

The parts we’re talking about aren’t backpack straps and zippers. These are extremely sensitive, high-tech pieces of machinery and you simply can’t afford to have parts like this going into them.

Whether it’s just cheap/shady Chinese businessmen doing their best to scam a few bucks or state intended, it is essentially just sabotage.

From the article;

“These findings should outrage every American,” said Senator Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who heads the Senate Armed Services Committee, calling the new report “deeply troubling.”

“The Chinese government’s refusal to shut down counterfeiting that occurs openly in their country puts our national security and the safety of our military men and women at risk. It also costs thousands of American jobs.

Well Senator since national defense is a job of the government, what are you going to do about it?

China has been increasing it’s attacks on the United States in nearly every manner other than an act of overt and outright war and here we have the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee who can only tell us this is “deeply troubling”, but yet offers no solutions or ideas.

It’s utterly ridiculous for a country as large as the United States to send weapons manufacturing of any  kind over to another country. Canada and the UK might be okay partners but China; really?!

There are many ways to fight a war and many factors that contribute to the outcome. Troop strength, logistics, mobility, leadership, and even weaponry. What most of those things have in common is that they are conducted by people, they are tasks done by ability. The one thing that is absent of people however is weaponry. There are two ways to lose that segment. 1) To have highly-technical and complicated equipment that is unreliable and difficult to maintain/repair. 2) Getting your weapons/replacement parts from an enemy who no doubt has his own interests at heart and not your.

Taking the issue further, again at DefenseTech is this article Richard Clarke: All U.S. Electronics From China Could Be Infected

Well, former U.S. counter-terrorism czar –currently running his own cybersecurity firm — Richard Clarke is coming out and saying that all electronics made in China may well have built-in trapdoors allowing Chinese malware to infect American systems on command. The malware could do everything from take over a device to disabling it to secretly siphoning information off of it.

Fantastic, no we don’t even have to send them the work schematics with our orders, they can just take them right from our hardware.

Sadly none of this should be news to anyone in the Government, ESPECIALLY, those on the Armed Forces Committee. Is it unreasonable to expect our elected representatives to actually seek out REAL work to be done instead of continually standing there with their heads in the ground?

Forget teaching your kids Spanish, Chinese is going to be a far more important language starting in another generation.


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