In Soviet Russia, Weapons Sell You

7 Apr

Russian Viktor Bout, was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison yesterday for illegal arms sales.

From the Detroit News Russians to urge U.S. to send home the Merchant of Death

Bout claims he is innocent and Russia wants him repatriated claiming the charges are “baseless and biased”.

I don’t doubt that the United States would bend the law in order to catch and try a suspect. Though I remember hearing the news that Bout had been arrested in Thailand in 2008, I didn’t follow this trial, but I would be interested to see what exactly the United States evidence consisted of.

Apparently Bout, agreed to sell weapons to supposed Colombian rebels. If the man is long suspected of being an arms-dealer and you can get him to fall into a trap like that, you might be on to something but I wouldn’t exactly call that evidence.

Compare that to this trial you can find on, also from yesterday. The young man attempted to blowup a military recruiting center near Baltimore and apparently was with an undercover agent who supplied the “fake” bomb and witnessed the suspect attempt to use detonator. That’s pretty damning evidence.

When it comes to Bout’s case I don’t know that a verbal agreement is hard evidence. Like I said I haven’t followed the case, but I hope the feds have more on Bout.

I’m not necessarily doubting whether or not Bout is an arms dealer, cause if I had to bet on it, I’d say he likely is. The problem is he that the profession he chose, put him directly in competition with the United States government and boy do they hate competition.


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