Hey man, can you spare or buck or trillion?

10 Apr

According to this UsaToday article, President Obama is beginning a campaign today to raise the tax-rate on millionaires to 30%.

As quoted in the story, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. said it best

“How will the Buffett tax ease the pain at the pump? How will the $1 billion it’s expected to bring in over the first year change the trajectory of the massive federal debt?”

Really, a billion dollars in one year is all the government is going to collect and they still think this is a good idea? Tell me again how this isn’t political class warfare?

The President’s budget is $3.8 trillion for the year and somehow he expects $1 billion a year is going to fix that? In smaller terms this means spending $10.4 billion a day while making $2.7 million. It’s no small wonder we have $15 trillion in national debt.

Look I have no special place in my heart for rich people, just like I have no special place in my heart for any form of people.

Jason Furman, deputy director of the National Economic Council, said the goal isn’t to punish all millionaires — just those who “run the tables” to avoid paying their fair share.

Furman was also quoted saying the increased taxes won’t affect the deficit and more should be done. But what’s the point, it’s like checking the tire pressure on your car when the engines overheating. It’s an important aspect on it’s own but useless against the larger problem at hand.

What’s with this fair-share talk? The President loves to talk about fair shares, so what is fair anyway? According to dictionary.com fair means 1. Free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice 2. legitimately sought, pursued, done, given.

How is it fair then to take money from one person and throw it into a garbage disposal? Because that’s essentially what this is.

What would really be fair is asking every single person to pay no more and no less than a certain percentage of their income to taxes. Also known as, a flat tax. Even with a flat-tax you can have your tax the rich plans too, everyone earning under 250k pays 16 percent and everyone over the 250k threshold pays 25 percent. Best of all nobody has to go through the headaches of filing tax-returns again cause it can all be done on a postcard sized piece of paper. No more worrying that over-zealous, outraged accountants with handcuffs and 9mm’s are going to raid your house looking for all your receipts from the past five years.

I’m certain the reduction in stress from doing and filing taxes every year would directly correlate to an increase in happiness and productivity, thus further growing the economy and further raising tax revenues!


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