The shrub tax cuts?

12 Apr

Today’s story can be found anymore, but let’s focus on the version found at

Former President George W. Bush said at a press-conference yesterday that he wishes the “Bush tax cuts”, weren’t called the Bush tax cuts because they would likely have a better chance of being continued under someone else’s name.

At first thought it’s hard to think that people still hold the 43rd President responsible for anything. Not that the effects of a Presidency can’t last beyond his term, but rather that 3 years later you’d expect the responsibility to be more up to date.

I didn’t think it would matter anymore. But then I read the comments section and realized why I was wrong. I’m a rational thinker.

Not only do the comments show that Bush-hating is still fashionable, at least underground anyway, but that most of those who are Bush-bashers have such a convuluted way of thinking and seeing things that you can’t even begin to understand what they are actually thinking. If you’re a rational thinker, go read the comments and prepare to be befuddled.



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