Not the color of your skin, but the contents of your barrier

14 Apr

According to USAToday, white males will soon constitute less than 50% of Democrats in the House of Representatives. This being due to a greater number of “women and minority” candidates running for office as Democrat Representatives.

For anyone interested in a little history lesson you can find this page on Wikipedia, Women in the United States House of Representatives.

There are 75 women in the House of Representatives in the 112th Congress(that’s the current Congress). The number of female Democrat Representatives elected since 2008 and still holding office is 10. In comparison, the number of female Republican Representatives elected since 2008 and still holding office is 11. This is just part of the Republican war on women, consider it a 5th column, you’ll never see it coming.

I disagree successful black man

While women aren’t the only non-white male office holders to gain ground in the Democratic party, the generic termed minorities are also

strengthening their positions in the party. Again using 2008 as our starting point, we see that 8 Black African-American House Democrats have been elected. Compared to just 2 BlaAfrican-American House Republicans. Aha! Finally we got’em, it’s the Blacks African-Americans they’re leaving out. Those damn dirty Republicans, they’re so racist.

What’s that? 5 of 8 of those Blac African-American Dem. Representatives were women and on a male basis it’s only a ratio of 3-2 since 2008? Doesn’t matter, minorities count for each stripe so being a women and Bla African-American counts twice.

While the article in question is about elected representatives and their background, it likely reflects fairly accurately the makeup of party constituents themselves. So the question really is, are Democrats attracting more minorities or simply chasing away the white-guys? (Not that it matters since the opinion of white-males is irrelevant, but that’s a story for another time).


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