Down Under, Going Down

16 Apr

The American Spectator covers one of the most perplexing stories ever, If It Can Happen Down Under. Ever!

While England is often regarded as the closest cousin to the United States, Australia with its love of big cars, big landscapes, proud independence, and of course history of crushing natives should be held closer to the heart of Americans.

That’s why Americans should be saddened to see the wimpy state that Australia has become.

The Australian liberal party is proposing creating a council to license and censor the news.

It is recommended that the council — presumably to be called the Ministry of Truth — should have a judge or lawyer as its chairman, appointed by the government, and 20 members, a large portion of whom would be nominated by the Labor-affiliated journalists’ union.

The council would have power to alter or permanently ban articles. Disobedience would result in a fine or imprisonment for contempt of court, and there would be no appeal. As well as having the power to ban articles, the council would have the power to compel media to publish responses to stories.

As if it’s not bad enough to be told what to do and not having the ability to appeal, the very people in charge are politically employed. The only analogy I can think of is letting a sports team provide it’s own referees, but that comparison doesn’t come close to carrying the weight of this.

It’s not just about truth and fairness however, but you wouldn’t know that because you’re not smart enough too;

In paragraph 4.10 of the Finkelstein report it is stated that the council should control speech in Australia because the people are too stupid to be allowed free access to news.

When the representative of Murdoch’s News Ltd. claimed readers were “capable of making up their own minds,” Finkelstein stated: “Often, however, readers are not in a position to make a properly informed judgement.” John Roskam, of the think tank the Institute for Public Affairs, has commented of this that:

This is intellectual arrogance at its most breath-taking. And it’s a great argument against democracy. If, as Finkelstein claims, people aren’t smart enough to decide for themselves the merits of what they see in the media, then they’re certainly not smart enough to decide who to vote for.… Finkelstein and the Greens believe access to the media should be restricted to those who are “balanced and responsible.”

This is all because Green party can’t stand the criticism they’ve received on their ideas of a carbon tax. Another instance of liberal “I’m taking my ball and going home-osis”. When you’re ideas are so flaky and full of it that you have to censor the debate, you’ve already lost.

If the Aussie Greens manage to get this idea through, I’m suggesting the build a grand structure to house this new Ministry and name the building The Joesph Goebbels Truth and Justice Center.

Is it just me or has Australia gone down hill since the death of Steve Irwin?


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