Secret Service Gets Full Service

16 Apr

From CBS news Secret Service revokes security clearances of 11 accused of misconduct.

What misconduct are we talking about here? The oldest profession of course.

If you’re in a country that has legalized prostitution and you find that an acceptable practice to partake in, knock yourself out.

When you’re a Secret Service agent responsible for protecting the President of the United States however, you have to be a little more critical in your personal choices.

It’s not that these agents engaged in illicit behavior, it’s that after all the background-checks, training, and responsibilities that come with the job, they didn’t have the sense to think that a $47 hooker might be compromising to their situation.

To make matters worse, this all took place in Columbia, one of the most dangerous countries on Earth in terms of crime. Probably not much to worry about when hiring a prostitute in Switzerland or Finland, but in the Cocaine capital of the world where kidnappings and murder are as common as the sunrise it’s probably a good idea to wait til you get home before getting your jollies.

My favorite part from the CBS article;

a top law enforcement official said. “We hold employees to a high standard. This incident was an anomaly.

The incident was an anomaly because they got caught this time. As the saying goes “It’s  only cheating if you get caught”.

Secret Service is a profession that shouldn’t allow second chances. This is  not only embarrassing but dangerous.



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