That old thing? Forget I even had it

20 Apr

Senate Bill 1813 – Pay Your Taxes or Lose Your Passport  is the story of over at from last week.

The proposal requires that anyone who owes over $50,000 in unpaid taxes be denied use of their passport. An idea so brilliant can only come from one of nations greatest minds, Senator Harry Reid.

What makes his idea so mind-numbing exactly? Well for one is that it’s probably not all that hard to owe $50,000 in taxes to the IRS. What with the raising taxes on everything that moves and the way in which the tax code makes an M.C. Escher painting look direct and simple.

Then there’s the simple fact that only about a third of Americans even have a passport.

Congratulations! You’ve picked an arbitrary number, attached a penalty to it, and isolated a portion of the population, for a law that likely won’t even be enforced with any regularity and will be nothing but a massive headache for anyone who would be on the wrong end of it.

As complicated and confusing as the tax code is, there’s no reason for people to not pay their taxes, though I’ll give them that it might not always turn out in their favor. But that’s why you get a year to prepare for the next one and make the necessary preparations to avoid those problems again.

Not that this is anything to worry about, since nothing passes in the Senate and what does gets voted down in the House.


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