The tuition is too damn high!

22 Apr

President Obama addressed the nation on Friday. He spoke about the need for a college educated population for the United States to recover and that the cost of that education was now to high and more money must be spent in order to make it more affordable.

Where to start?

Do more Americans need college degrees? 30% of Americans over 25 have a Bachelors degree and a further 10% have an Associates or similar degree. 40% of the population has a degree and that’s the highest it’s ever been, but apparently in order for the United States to grow that number must be higher.

And for what? As of the first Quarter we had a 14.8 percent total-unemployment rate. 88 million Americans are unemployed, while only 64 percent of Americans have a job. Do they really need an education or would they be better off in a climate that gave them a job instead?

Fact is we need more qualified people in certain fields, but those fields aren’t likely to see more students just because more people are going to school to for free. Just because we need more engineers and IT professionals doesn’t mean we can get them with a snap of the fingers. Kids that weren’t taught math in primary school aren’t just going to turn into engineers. Rather than more graduates what the United States needs is more apprenticeship style education and certification programs. Make it easier for more people to prepare directly for specific work and then make it easier for them to get jobs by getting the government out of the hair of businesses.

Then theirs the simple economic question the President fails to understand. To be fair, it’s one of those really tough Econ-101 principles. Supply and Demand. The President seems to think we need to place more importance on education and fails to realize it’s already the biggest consideration and as such college enrollments have increased accordingly. The more people who want to go to college, the more demand there is and when there is more demand, the price goes up. Therefore it’s safe to assume that by giving more money away by the billions to help even more people go to college isn’t in fact going to help the situation.

It’s really quite simple, which is probably why it’s completely misunderstood by politicians.


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