We’re going down; Mayday, Mayday!

2 May

Yesterday was May Day, who knew? I thought May didn’t officially kick off til cinco de mayo. Then again with the lack of success, I suppose that’s true.

In the United States, May Day, was supposed to be seized with both hands by the Occupy Wall Street movement and thrust into the face of America as a sign of impending change. No longer will the workers(beneficiaries perhaps?) sit idly by while the government hands out money to your neighbor but not to you.

Now that the sun has risen on May 2nd, what’s next? Nobody knows. Even CNN says May Day fizzled in an opinion piece by Amitai Etzioni. However can something really “fizzle” if nobody expected it to “sizzle” in the first place?

The comments section on the article perhaps best summarize the point of view of the average American towards Occupty. The following comment was posted by avoidsheep

The occupy movement no longer exists…it’s primarily just a bunch of entitled, iphone carrying Phish fans trying to live in the 60’s….no objective, no goals, no understanding.

Precisely. A mix of college kids and aging hippies happy to feel relevant again, have gotten together to pat each other on the back for having the same complaints, but don’t provide any actual solutions to the problems they’re protesting. The simply cry that there’s a problem in the system, but don’t take any responsibility to fix it. Rather they trust that the people who they are complaining about, will gladly provide the solution and fix it themselves.

They simply fail to realize that putting work in someone elses hands, offers no guarantee to ensure it actually gets done. From Etzioni;

This time? If the past is any predictor of the future, the deliberately nonhierarchical Occupy Wall Street movement, with its fuzzy messages and vague goals, is not going to leave a major mark.

But it’s not that the Occupiers are adrift at sea without a light to paddle towards. The light exists, but it’s in the opposite direction from what they think. Again Etzioni;

The tea party has a sharply edged message and has used its considerable following to elect public officials, who in turn have affected public policy. For instance, they prevented the GOP leadership from compromising with Obama on raising taxes in exchange for cutting entitlements and government outlays. And the tea party put deficit reduction on the top of the political agenda

See what clearly defined goals and viably provided solutions can do to a problem. The predicament that Occupy find itself in, is that it wants to be a counter-culture movement, fighting against “the man”, but they simply don’t see that there’s a way to achieve the desired results without putting off the very people you are appealing to for help.

Interestingly as the Occupy crowd calls for more workers rights, The Economist put up this chart on unemployment rates. (H/T to Zerohedge)

Two interesting things to note from this chart. First, that the numbers are fudged since the chart puts the United States at the incorrect 8-9% media use figure, instead of the 14-15% honest unemployment rate. Second, that the nations with the highest rates of unemployment growth and GDP shrinkage, are in fact the heavily socialized EURO states that have essentially walked right into the current recession due to government largesse and citizenry benefits of a royal-scale.

They weren’t wrong to want the best for their citizens, they were just wrong for not understanding the basic math to understanding whether or not that was a legitimately sustainable option. If the governments can’t figure out how to measure sustainability, it’s not likely that the recipients of such generosity will understand the economics of what’s causing them to lose their not so hard-earned benefits.


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