Julia, we hardly knew ya

4 May

Credit goes to Dan Mitchell for finding this. I’m mooching his story about moochers, but with good reason as it is one of the best blogs about economics today. It’s a regular must-read for anyone who thinks it good to know what you’re doing and have a plan.  Bookmark it or follow it if you’re on wordpress. http://danieljmitchell.wordpress.com/

Mitchell has discovered this nifty little timeline called The Life of Julia that can be found on BarackObama.com. The Life of Julia is one of government handouts, though you could say demands just as easily. The timeline chronicles Julia’s life from age 3 to 67. Info is provided on random ages about what Julia is receiving in government benefits in her lifetime thanks to President Barack Obamas policies.

I don’t know what’s stranger, that the President is proud of people being supported by handouts or that it’s one of those rare moments that he’s taking credit for something rather than playing the blame game like he usually does.

What the internet really needs is a montage of all the times President Obama has denied having any responsibility while blaming someone else. I just couldn’t find one.

You can be anything, as long as it’s approved by the government


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