Right is right, right?

5 May

My first poston this blog was about comments by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on immigrants in France. Today I revisit that subject due to this article by Yascha Mounk on Slate.com, France’s Turn for the Worse; On Sunday, France will elect a new president. But Europe’s far right has already won.

The general run down of the article is that while France will end up electing Socialist party candidate Francois Hollande to the Presidency, that the right wing parties of Europe have really won by displaying their growing representative power.

All in all there’s no explicit remarks in the story that clearly disparage right-wingers, but the undertone exists, albeit subtly.

College freshmen knows what he’s talking about

It is the title of the article that best displays the clear cut bias against the ideas of the right by Slate. France’s turn for the worse, really? As I said in the first post about Sarkozy’s remarks. Why is it wrong for French citizens to want France to remain French?

It’s as if there is no legitimacy to ideas that run counter to theirs. As if people who would rather remain proud of what makes them unique are stupid for not wanting to ignore reality.

Naturally the liberals who are shocked at these conservatives points of view, don’t even realize the irony of chastising someone for being “ignorant”, while at the same time not accepting their point of view as even remotely legitimate.

College freshmen makes for an appropriate comparison of this mentality.


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