Yahoo! declares fossils hate gays and global warming

8 May

If you happened to visit at any point yesterday, you might have seen this article on the front page.

Billionaire Koch gives $35 million to dinosaur museum

“Cool”, you’re probably thinking, dinosaurs are awesome, they’re like trains ans spaceships, if you don’t like them, you’re nuts and have no friends.

The Reuters sourced article is pretty short, 327 words to be exact, and the reporter does a good job with a short and sweet summary of the gift and a few statements from those involved. Still the reporter managed to find a way to politicize an article about dinosaurs. Here’s how;

Annoying childhood friend, now known as “the media”

KANSAS CITY, Kansas (Reuters) – American industrialist David Koch, a major supporter of conservative causes, said on thursday

and later on…

David and his brother Charles Koch are also among the largest contributors to Republican causes and candidates.

On the one hand it’s not surprising that news of the Koch family runs a mention of their conservative political position, however I still fail to see how it’s relevant to dinosaur museums.

Never mind the media ostracisization of any and all conservatives by the media, but how in the name of the flying dutchmen does it have anything to do with a museum donation? This almost the perfect summary of the new standard of bias by the old media.


TrogloPundit links to an article proving dinosaurs were in fact polluting, global-warming deniers.


3 Responses to “Yahoo! declares fossils hate gays and global warming”

  1. Ellen May 8, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    It is rare that you see “liberal city worker, so and so” quoted in the article. And I would like to say I feel that it is National news media that tend to be biased in this way. I will contend that local media sway in the direction of their audience of their town or city. Conservative towns/suburbs tend to run conservative editorials and news articles, and liberal cities and urban areas tend to have that liberal flavor of their audience. But yes, by and large the media most people use the most– internet, broadcast news, and national papers has a bias, almost unconscious against conservative values.

    • Drama May 8, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

      Naturally this is true. Just from a perspective of “ease”, the national level reporter has no connections to those outside their circle and has no bones about picking at other peoples wounds, whereas a local reporter still has to live with those in his/her city.

      It’s also presumptuous for me to assume this reporter included those details to hint at their own opinion, when in fact it is possible they included those statements to qualify that this was indeed the same person who is known for their support of conservative causes.

      Still i’m a pessimist when it comes to these matters until it can be proven otherwise.


  1. If Dinosaurs weren’t already extinct, we’d have to extinctify them. For the planet. « The TrogloPundit - May 8, 2012

    […] – The Koch Brothers donate to a dinosaur museum. See? I knew those reptilian bastards were global warming deniers! Share this:Like […]

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