You know how I know you’re gay…

10 May

Do I care if gays can get married? No, what does that have to do with me? But it matters for a lot of other people and now the President has stated his “evolved” position on the issue. Taking personal opinions out of the issue, let’s look at this from a pure policy point of view. Here’s the video of his answering the question.

So the President has “evolved” his position from just a few years ago and now supports gay marriage, but thinks it’s the states individual right to decide the issue for themselves. Interesting that he takes that position on this issue, but not on things like healthcare or immigration.

This entire to do is another demonstration of this Presidents spineless manner of leadership. If it wasn’t for Vice President Bidens forcing the issue, it would have never come up. For all the gay excitement over his new position they don’t realize he would have never done anything had he not been forced to.

Because of this the gay community shouldn’t get too excited, because as soon as it’s politically expedient, he’ll throw them under the bus, just like he does with everyone else.

My gut feeling is that the President will lose votes on this issue. The gays were already going to vote for him, but now he risks alienating those who would be against this position.

The Presidents biggest problem isn’t that his decisions are polarizing like this, it’s that he’s not a leader. Every time there’s a problem it’s someone else’s fault and his measures just haven’t had enough time to work or Congress won’t let him do what he wants. A real leader doesn’t make excuses, they get results.

The gay marriage issue will polarize some people, but the President still has to run on his accomplishments, of which he has very little. Sadly that still won’t stop millions of people from voting for him.

For an interesting look at this issue, visit


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