The Presidents right, except he’s confused

23 Jun

Nope, I’ve got someone else in mind

Today’s popular trending story is about the Presidents statements that we need a “bottum-up” economic system instead of the “top-down” economic system.

He’s right, we need a system of economics built by the owners, workers, entrepreneurs, customers, and market needs.

So why is he continually pushing for more miniscule, uselss, headache-inducing laws and regulations on business and even life itself.

Much like freedom, an economic system that focuses on the needs of the population is more dynamic and resilient than one in which central planning and government/big business preferences are put ahead of common sense and reality.

There’s two problems with the President’s statement. First is the assumption that Republicans would take every single law and regulation off the books. Last I checked Republicans and Anarchists don’t sit too close on the political spectrum.

Second is the Presidents failure to realize he has the ability to enable this “bottom-up” system he speaks of, only he’s actually moved things in the other direction.


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