24 Jun

Check out this story from the The Guardian in the UK,

Saudi Arabia plans to fund Syria rebel army

So Saudi Arabia, with the assistance and cooperation of the United States, is going to fund a command centre in Turkey to help Syrian rebels receive supplies, funding, and training in their fight against Syrian President Assad and the loyal Syrian Army.

I’ve said before it’s not our business what the Syrians want to do and it still isn’t. Suck as it may, it’s their fight,  their business, and their future and up to them.

With that being said the big problem is worrying that Syria will turn into Afghanistan. Think about it and the situation in Syria now is almost identical to Afghanistan from 1979 onwards. Except of course with out the Soviet communist presence. What is the same however is a country facing a civil war, receiving aid from Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Still the question remains, will Syria be the next Afghanistan or will it be Egypt? Or will Afghanistan retain the title?

One thing’s for sure, I feel bad for the next generation of Americans who will have to deal with the clusterbleep that is being created today.


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