26 Jun

Just what the world needed, 3 Dances with Wolves Avatar sequels. That’s right 3, count em 3 sequels scheduled to be filmed at the same time.

While filming at the same time solves the old Harry Potter aging problem, Sigourney Weaver ain’t exactly going through puberty.

Here’s the story from Showbiz411. H/T to Drudge. 

So the question is why do we need 3 Avatar sequels. Was the first movie that good? Short answer, no.

The movie was a dry, abstract effort of graphical distraction. The movie was nothing special, particularly when you realize it’s dances with wolves with dragons and blue geckos instead of Indians and horses.

Unoriginal plot, plain characters, “WHO CARES DUDE IT’S IN 3D!!!”

I’ve seen video games with more entertaining cut scenes and guess what, they use the same technology. Except the 3d there’s nothing about Avatar that makes it a movie worth more than any other.

It’s unfortunate that people still lap this stuff up. I won’t be seeing any of them, but then again I have standards.


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