Soros says spend your money…you’ll get it back I swear

26 Jun

Germany’s Resistance May Prove ‘Fatal’ to Europe: George Soros.

That’s the headline of this article on It makes you think whoever put up the headline made an error, the correct wording should be Europe’s Resistance May Prove ‘Fatal’ to Germany. But then you realize it’s George Soros speaking so of course it makes no sense.

Still you have to give credit to a guy who’s made billions even if it’s at the cost of entire economies. The ultimate bad guy that liberals are always seeking in the form of the Mitt Romney’s of the world actually exists in the form of Soros, but we can’t point that out seeing as how he happens to be a liberal financier.

Sow dissention and division in the system and you can hammer it apart one piece at a time. That’s the Soros strategy and when you.

Here’s a further article from with the video of the interview.

You know how you can tell Soros is full of it? Because a guy who’s supposed to know economics knows that spending immense amounts of precious dollars/euros to serve as a band-aid to the problem of throwing away too much money in the first place simply doesn’t make sense.

Hell you don’t even have to know economics to understand that, it’s common sense. But Soros has his money in position and is playing his hand to try and take the pot. That’s all nothing more. A predator setting up his prey, this is what he does.

It’s slightly embarrassing that outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg lend credibility to people like George Soros, but then again that’s to be expected when news organizations gave up on understanding issues and instead chose to just go with what they liked.


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