What is the purpose of your visit?

29 Jun

From The Daily Mail;

A trained terrorist from Norway is awaiting orders to carry out an attack on the West, officials from three European security agencies have revealed.

The man is believed to have received terrorist training from Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen and is ready to strike.

Western intelligence officials have long feared such a scenario – a convert to Islam who is trained in terrorist methods and can blend in easily in Europe and the U.S., traveling without visa restrictions.

It’s a story that’s been avoided by the media the past few days with almost nothing being mentioned of it here.

The mind boggling part of this story is simply, why? I know this particular man is not an immigrant and therefore has Norwegian documents and travel abilities, but why on earth does any western country even let it’s citizens or immigrants else even travel to Yemen?

I just went to Yemen for the legendary cuisine, sights, and atmosphere.

What legitimate reason could anyone possibly have for going to Yemen? Not to rip on every single Yemeni in the world, but why should we let people travel back and forth (for extended stays no less) to a country that’s been known for it’s terrorist training?

It’s common sense. If you’re looking for crack-houses you check Detroit not the suburbs of Oakland County.  You’re looking for loose women you go to a nightclub not the senior center. The same logic can be applied to terrorists, you’re not likely to find many in the Virgin Islands.

You know where the action is so go find it, better yet find the people who want to go there. It’s not that hard.

You could just as easily include Pakistan for the same reasons, but considering it’s a bigger country with more people abroad i’m sure the outcries would be enough to make any western politician cave in to another people.


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