Eating disorders for everyone

3 Jul

From the CBS affiliate in Seattle, Study Finds 80 Percent Of 10-Year-Old Girls Have Been On Diet. 

“[A total of] 53 percent of 13-year-old girls are unhappy with their bodies,” another blurb reads. “That number increases to 78 percent by age 17.”

Let’s be realistic here. The kids have not been “on a diet”. For starters most people misinterpret the word  diet to mean a planned program of eating to lose weight, when a diet is actually just what you eat every day. 

But beyond the matter of definition, I still doubt most 10-year olds know what a diet is. There probably just starving themselves really.

But since this story from yahoo tells us, 42% of Americans are going to be Obese by 2030. The yahoo article defines obese as people who are 100 pounds overweight, but that people who are simply overweight push the rate closer to 2/3 of the population.

After all not everyone is 100=pounds over weight. Someone’s got to fit in that 20-99 pound range. Okay “fit” might not be the right word.

From the yahoo article;

“We know that about 50 percent of severe obesity in adults is consequence of obesity in childhood,” he said.

With those kinds of statistics, it’s no wonder the kids are worried. At least they’re smart enough to have a little foresight about it, even if they’re doing it in a completely destructive manner. They have the motivation, all they need now is someone to wrangle that effort into some real results.


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