Russia Pre-empt’s a call for foul

5 Jul

From the LA Times; Russian official: Romney’s hard line could bring ‘full-scale crisis’

This is what Russia is saying in reply to a comment by Mitt Romney about Russia still being the biggest threat to the United States.

“We don’t think that for us Romney will be an easy partner,” said Pushkov, an ally of President Vladimir Putin. “We think that Romney will be, on the rhetorical side, a replay of the Bush administration.”

Sounds like a problem for Russia, but good news for the United States. Shouldn’t a country put its own interests before prioritizing those of other nations? Until the day Russia does something that’s not in its own interest but that of another nations, we’re best worrying about ourselves and our prosperity(and its rate of disappearance) than of Russia.

And guess what, Romney’s right. Russia is the biggest threat to the United States. China may be the economical powerhouse, but Russia still has the means to throw it’s weight around. While they may be in the early stages of rebuilding their military structure and thus aren’t fully prepared to stand toe-to-toe with the United States, who’s the country that’s been assisting Syria, Iran, Somalia, Zimbabwe, and a dozen other nations? Oh yeah Russia, that’s who.

Never in the course of history has Russia cared about any nation other than itself.  Nor does it care of the means and its affect on other nations in its search for success and dominance. From the Czars of old to present day, Russia looks out for number 1.

Why should the United States be any different? Russia may no longer be communist, but I sure as heck don’t want to live there and I don’t want that influence having any more presence than the minimum. Particularly if it comes from U.S. pussy footing.

The National Review has an excellent summary article up right now titled, The Obama Foreign Policy, by the ever respected Victor Davis Hanson. If you can stand seeing how fall we’ve fallen it’s a quick informative read.


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