Save the Ratholes!

13 Jul

The Detroit News had an opinion column yesterday in which the author is asking to Save the Packard Plant.

The Packard Plant is an empty factory that sits in Detroit and according to the article was closed in 1958. Considering it’s in Detroit, that should tell you all  you need to know about it’s condition. As such it is scheduled to be demolished.

The authors claim is that the Packard plant is a piece of American history as great as the USS Arizona and Omaha Beach because of its wartime manufacturing efforts. He believes the factory should be saves and preferably turned into a museum.

Why? This method of thinking pervades in these do gooder suburbanites and it makes no sense.

Overly attached suburbanite??

The authors genius argument is that since the factory has sat empty for 64 years, let it sit for another year to see if funds can be found to save it.

How about this. Instead of 1-more year, you’ve already 64 and you still haven’t done anything and you won’t do anything so quit wasting time.

The same thing happened when the tore down Tiger Stadium in Detroit. The do gooders want to save this piece of history, but they don’t realize it’s not special, it just isn’t. People aren’t going to travel across the country to see an empty baseball stadium or a wartime factory.

It’s nearly the same situation with the empty Detroit Train Depot.

Detroit is a city of eyesores, it’s a ghost city. The more they can get rid of the better.

Clear it all out, turn it into a pasture and start over.


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