What to do about PSU?

20 Jul

With Jerry Sandusky finding himself in the deepest, darkest hole of criminality and the late Joe Paterno no longer alive to share his thoughts on that matter(not that he would anyway, being as old-school as he was), the question remains as to what will happen with Penn State University.

The question is arising, what will happen to the football program? The NY Times has a discussion here, with various people writing a brief piece with their opinion on the matter.

The issue is simple and the case itself provides the reason why.

Sandusky was initially covered for and given a pass by Penn State to avoid negative publicity so the team wouldn’t suffer. This seems to be the case in all college football scandals.

So if Penn State is punished, then their justifications will prove correct.

However the issue shouldn’t go undisciplined, not only for its blatant coverup but for it’s illegality to begin with.

So what’s the NCAA to do? It’s either an all or nothing approach, punish them harshly or let it go.

The answer is actually quite simple.

When the need for a drastic change is apparent, the decision that must be made is the one that confronts the status quo. Simply ignoring the situation will entrench the current mentality, and in college football there is plenty of criminality to go around. The issue of covering up scandals and negative publicity must be blown out.

Not so that they can be more rigorously pursued, but so that the universities will begin making an enough to avoid them to begin with.

Blow out Penn State so harshly that every NCAA university will shudder from the thought of that happening to them. Then follow through will equally harsh punishments every time that a new scandal happens. Whether team violence, academic fraud, sex abuse or anything else that can and does happen.

Make the universities fear the punishment more the benefits of cheating and allowing bad behavior to permit itself in the teams.


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