Bad Luck Britain

25 Jul

It’s bad news for Great Britain. From Yahoo; Britain sinks far deeper into recession than forecast

You know it’s bad when your economy was expected to shrink in the first place. Is there such a thing as better than expected economic shrinkage?

It’s like having your arm amputated at the shoulder when they originally told you it would be at the elbow. What’s the difference, it’s all bad.


It’s one thing when expected employment falls short, at least you had a positive goal, but if your expecting things to shrink what can you expect but bad news?

Is this what its come to in the west? The standards are so low that our governments are expecting the economy to shrink and yet can’t seem to manage how to find a solution(really not that hard guys).

But the article does make an effort to cheer up any Anglophiles by saying that the Olympics should provide an economic boost to London. Going on the tone of the story, after all the money is spent on the Olympics and the sales receipts are tallied up against it, Great Britain will probably lose more money than expected. But that’s okay as long as things are consistent.

If this keeps up they may have to give up the “Great” title and just simply be Britain.


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