Europe fights to be white

27 Jul

From; EU plans drone network to nab illegal immigrants

The European Commission had released a proposal to deploy drones across the Mediterranean Sea to catch illegal immigrants. The surveillance effort is part of a $410 million package to bolster EU border security.

Seems a bit unnecessary. For starters, what’s the point of tracking down illegal immigrants when you allow legal immigrants to come in to your country so easily? Particularly when they can so effortlessly live off the government dole and aren’t required to assimilate.

Fortunately, for its own sake, Europe appears to be making an effort to reduce the trends it has seen erase its distinct national and continental identity in recent decades.

Still one wonders if the drone efforts will truly be effective. 

Would it not be more effective to limit legal immigration in order to curb illegal immigration? If the number of people allowed to migrate into a country is purposely kept low, then those who are illegal will stand out that much more.

The situation with immigration in Europe is not difficult to understand because it contains a visual element. Europeans are by historical nature, white. The vast majority of these immigrants are black and brown.

While maybe not possible in 100% of the cases, it is still relatively easy to pick out those who are not of European ancestry. This is not racism, it’s just fact. People from different regions look different.

Anyone who’s ever been to a Europe knows this. If you’ve been to a beach in Europe, you know it even more. If I can recall accurately from my own trip to the Adriatic coast of Italy two years ago. The Africans sold trinkets though the African women offered hair braiding, the Pakistani/Middle Easterners sold towels, sunglasses and beach toys, and the Asians offered massages. If i’m remembering correctly I believe that’s how the market was divied up.

The key point is, not a single one of those folks was any bit at all Italian. So why does Italy/EU let them in so willfully? I don’t think it can be claimed that they’re doing much to improve Italy/EU. Frankly it’s annoying having to shoo off peddlers of dollar store sunglasses and jewelry or massages. I just want to enjoy the beach and not have to pretend to be sleeping just to avoid having to say no every 2 minutes.

It’s good to see Europeans finally realizing that they’re Europeans and that they should be proud of that and not allow it to be watered down. People don’t go to Italy, Germany, France or anywhere else to see the immigrant culture. They want to see the historical culture and traditions of the countries they are visiting.

We all come from distinctly different nations, regions, and continents. Frankly if they were all the same it would be very boring. I don’t travel because I like waiting in airports so that I can wait on an airplane. I travel because I like to see different places because I’m bored of my own place. Therefore why would I want to go to a place that’s losing the distinction that makes it unique and desirable in the first place?



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