Gun Control Letters

29 Jul

The News & Views section of the Detroit Free Press is the editorial, opinion page and also where you’ll find the letters to the editor.

It’s one of my favorite sections of any newspaper because it allows the opportunity to witness peoples foolish thoughts. 

This weeks feature was about a gun control column previously printed in the paper.

I’d like to share a few of the statements that Free Press readers wrote in with and then add my commentary.

“The Second Amendment was written in a time when the common arms were muskets that shot a single round…if the founding fathers were alive today, they would think that we are insane to allow what is happening to continue”

By that logic we should be allowed to own slaves because they were available when the constitution was written. This writer was correct though, the founding fathers would think we are insane, but now for allowing what she thinks is the problem. They’d shake their heads at us for pussy-footing around while real problems take hold of our country, while our freedoms are eroded and the nation is turned in a controlling police state.

“I hope there are NRA members who don’t want to own military weapons designed only for killing people”.

Of course there are, they prefer non-military weapons designed to kill people.

“Sales of guns and ammo over the internet, without background checks should be outlawed”

What do you know, they are. Guns cannot be purchased online and shipped to your house. However you can order them online and have them sent to a dealer where you can then receive the weapon after following proper channels.

“Canada has hunters. Canada has gun control laws. Canada does not have mass shootings every three or four months”

My first thought was of the mall shooting I heard of in Toronto just recently, in fact on June 2. But as I googled the “Toronto mall shooting”(which would be the Eaton Centre Shooting) I also learned one of the Colorado victims was at the Toronto shooting.

“I am a conservative and own a gun, but she was spot on when she said their is no rationale for anyone to own assault weaponry”

Yes, because there’s such a thing as non-assault weapons. Despite the misleading title of “assault weapons”, and the reference to them as military style weapons, despite them being anything but military weapons, what difference does it make? A gun is a gun no matter what it looks like. Their is no need for any dazzling suburbanite to own an SUV but they still do.

“Owning a gun for personal protection is own thing. Owning an arsenal is quite another.”

Owning a computer is one thing, owning a Mac is quite another. Owning a home coffee brewer is one thing, stopping at a store every morning for “gourmet” coffee is quite another. What’s your point? You can own a hundred guns if you want, you can still only shoot one at a time.

“…but what citizen of this land needs to own an assault rifle?”

What citizen needs to own a ipad, or a Lexus, or 18 pairs of shoes, or air conditioning, or a flowbee?

“I would like to know why all emergency exit doors, in any building, don’t have sirens on them. When that door was propped open, a siren would have alerted the movie theater workers to investigate.”

So they could promptly receive a slug in the chest. While movie theaters do not, every other emergency exit has an alarm and the purpose isn’t to draw moths to the flame but to alert others to evacuate regardless of reason or desire to investigate.

And last but not least,

“Are we just going to let it go on to the point where we are all armed and shooting each other..”

This reader-writer, thought we were stuck in a wild-west mentality. Strange thing though, of all that shooting and gun-fighting at the OK corral and robbing the stage city pine, hardly anyone actually took part in such activities during that era.  Further still, it’s amazing that the writer of this letter has even lived this long considering the lawless, anarchic society they apparently live in where death and violence are a daily occurence that have numbed any emotional response.

The problem with discussions and debates is that so often they are permeated with utter fool who don’t know the lessons of the past, the reality of  the present and therefore can’t possibly understand how the future should be.


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