China shows that the past is the future

1 Aug

Feeling justified that the Olympics are now a sham, I haven’t watched one moment of coverage. Still I’m aware what’s going on and I’ve read some articles online to be keep up with the latest stories.

One of the biggest stories is of female Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen swimming a remarkably fast final leg. Cool.

Doping allegations and Chinese integrity issues aside there’s an article from the Daily Mail titled;

 Forging of the Mandarin mermaid: How Chinese children are taken away from their families and brutalised into future Olympians

The premise of the article is how China’s Olympic training programs are akin to “19th century prisons”.

Kind of says something doesn’t it? China treats like people like a 19th century prison and they win Olympic medals. The United States and the western world treats it’s actual prisoners like resort guests and they end up right back where they left off when they get out and at great cost to the taxpayers.

China clearly shows that the way forward is by looking to the past.


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