Book Review; About Face by Colonel David Hackworth

14 Aug

About Face; The Odyssey of an American Warrior by Colonel David H. Hackworth is the memoirs of it’s authors experience’s as an officer of the United States Army in the second half of the twentieth century.

Hackworths 26 years of service starting as a 16 year-old enlisted man to his retirement as a colonel in 1971 serves almost as much as a history of the US Army of that time as well as his own.

Hackworths journey from a young enlisted soldier in post World War II occupied Europe, to several tours in both Korea and Vietnam, show his transformation from idealistic to fed-up due to his passion for America and the men he fought with and led.

Hackworth was a no-nonsense leader. A combat soldier who knew his job and grew disappointed at the politics of war over his career.

Hackworths criticisms of the US military and military industries stand as much today as they did more than twenty years ago when the book was first published.

The criticisms come justly as Hackworth relates his story of service while showing the right way and wrong way of doing things.

About Face is simply a book of many faces. The war stories and action packed recollections of battle read like a novel. Information for military leaders and enthusiasts is shown in Hackworths sharing of the knowledge of warfare. And of course as an introspective political look at the US Military.

Finishing this large and well written book may instill one of two feelings in you. You may feel the desire to join the military in an effort to straighten out this capably glorious yet seemingly lost organization or you feel the desire to distance yourself as far as possible from it due to the feeling of contempt it may create in you.


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