Biden’s buddy get’s dough

18 Aug

Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. This time is the report that his “good friend” is receiving a $20 million loan from the federal government to open a luxury car dealership in Ukraine as reported by the Daily Caller.

Two problems.

First is whether or not the money will be paid back. I don’t entirely have a problem with the government spending money giving businesses loans, so long as they pay it back. However with what we’ve seen from the Obama Whitehouse and its knack for picking losers its not exactly a policy that should be pursued with vigor considering how much has already been lost.

However, as a sidenote to this point, it should be asked, if you’re already a successful car dealership owner how do you not have enough money to fund your own business plans? Makes me think is just smart enough to know he doesn’t have to put his own money on the line.

Second, as someone who has spent several seeks in Ukraine earlier this year I am quite fond of that nation and also a bit familiar with it. One thing my familiarity tells me is that $20 million dollars goes a long way in Ukraine. I can’t imagine it costing $20 million dollars to open two car dealerships and that is only compounded by what it might cost in Hryvna.

As part of experience in Ukraine I noticed a lack of concern on a lot of construction projects and little details that tend to go unnoticed typically, such as unfinished sidewalks in front of banks. As a came to learn, as nice as Ukraine is, a lot of corruption and graft prevents most work from being completed because the right people simply haven’t received their cut and won’t give their approval.

I wonder if US taxpayers will be happy paying for the bribes in order to get this dealership completed if not they should at least be prepared to be funding a half finished project.


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