The jester distracts the royal court

18 Aug

In all the talk about Vice President Biden’s gaffe-proneness due to his latest statement from the video above, one thing that is being neglected in the discussion is the context of what was said. Sure Biden’s a goof, and that’s not exactly something you want in a VP, but lets put that aside and look at what he was trying to say rather than the ridiculous way he did it.

VP Biden, as part of the democrat talking point, has stated that Mitt Romney and the republicans want to “unchain” wall street, and that that in turn would put the citzenry “back in chains”.

Yes republicans want to ease up the regulations that choke not only the banking and financial sectors but every sector of the economy.

Still the main point in unchaining the banking/financial industries is that they will then be allowed to operate freely and also be held responsible for their actions. Allow them to be independent and void of any and all government butt covering bailouts.



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