NYC Boys in Blue Protect and Serve Their Pensions and Privelage

26 Aug

A little story is making it’s way to the corners of the internet regarding the recent Empire State building shooting fracas in New York City.

The crux of the story is that of the 9 people wounded during the events, all 9 of them were wounded by shots fired by the NYPD.

It’s been stated that both officers have never before fired their guns on the job. Though you can’t blame them for not firing their weapons on patrol if the opportunity doesn’t present itself. However you have to wonder how much training the had in target selection and aiming their weapons.

Considering how every single police officer in the nation will state how their safety is their biggest concern in everything they do, you’d expect them to be able to ensure their safety by knowing how to use their guns.

Then again this was in NYC so perhaps these officers suffered from a lack of time to complete that training, what with the sexual harassment courses, and learning how to spot illegal big gulps, firearms training has to take a backseat to the important stuff.

Once again a police department displays it’s complete lack of truth in the “Protect and Serve” motto. The only thing most police departments/officers care about is federal funding, pensions, and the privilages of ‘bending’ the laws in their favor.

For more details read the stories on the or



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