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What Hope Is There for This Next Generation in College

9 Sep

Somehow, someway, someone linked this article though I can’t remember who or where. Whoever it was thank you.

The article in mention is this one, “What Hope Is There for This Next Generation in College“, by Burt Folsom.

It’s a very interesting historical perspective on what the United States economic response has typically been when facing/recovering stressful events and times during it’s history.

Of course it’s also important to point out that in each of those circumstances the United States not only recovered but grew it’s presence on the worlds stage.

Perhaps today we should take a lesson from history. It’s usually a prudent choice.


You’re joking right?

7 Sep

Didn’t watch Obama’s speech last night. Actually forgot it was even on, not that I would have watched anyway.

But here’s the gist that I get from the paper. Barack’s plan is better, though it’s also going to be harder.

Does he mean legimately tougher like people have to suck it up and deal with a little hardship now to have prosperity later or harder in the sense that it’s going to make everything more difficult.

I’m sure he thinks it’s choice A, but reality says it’s choice B. Why?

After 4 years he still has’t done anything to improve America’s odds in the future. He hasn’t done anything that makes it tougher for now while moving towards a stronger future. Evidence in the record high unemployment, disability roles, and food stamps.

You know what would be hard, people not spending their entire lives on government assistance. Illegal immigrants being dealt with definitively and not allowed to walk the streets free and unafraid of prosecution. The government making an effort to being cutting the $16 trillion deficit it currently has, the interest alone on which is too much for us to pay for. Or even the government cutting the size of it’s employee ranks, perhaps we could start with the TSA.

Obama says the republicans have no plan or they don’t want us to see it. But really if they have no plan what’s the difference? What would be different if it’s Mitt Romney running around with no plans or Obama.

Seems like the biggest difference is that Mitt Romney has actually done stuff before, whereas looking back at Obamas career what we find is a freshmen Senator who managed to merely vote present most of the time.

Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way!

Another riveting DNC speech

6 Sep

Found out Elizabeth Warren spoke last night as well.

I found a video, but citing mental safety continually skipped forward only listening for moments at a time.

My mind was blown. I hadn’t realized George W. Bush was elected for a third Presidential term in 2008.

At least that’s what Thin Lizzy made me think. That and also that democrats simply are not allowed to have cronies or interests of their own. Nope, apparently it’s only republicans who have their own interests at heart.

Learn something new everyday. Good thing life isn’t fair, what else would democrats do if it was?

Is that you Mr. Churchill? Nope Nancy Pelosi

6 Sep

I watched Nancy Pelosi’s speech at the DNC yesterday. At least as much as I could stand before I got dizzy. Certainly no more than 2 minutes. Remember folks, don’t over expose yourself to that kind of stupidity and ignorance. Small doses only.

So as I channel surfed my may into the news channels I saw the speech and stopped. It was riveting and original, completely devoid of recycled talking/chanting points. Right up with their with the best from Churchill, and Kennedy.

Anyway I heard the wicked witch of the west(you see what I did there?) drop this line in there “healthcare has become a right, not a privilege”. I’m paraphrasing and I can’t be bothered to find a clip cause it’ll surely be 20 minutes of droning that sounds like a AC unit switched on.

But it shows just how far we’ve come as a nation. From the days of the Declaration of Independence when our nations founders stated that all men possess as unalienable rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, now we can add healthcare to that list.

Rejoice and behold the magnificence that is hope and change.

As of today I would like to make a few more addendums to that list of natural born rights. Too many privileges go unfulfilled for the masses and it is time the proletariat has it’s say.

Perk up your ears Dear Leader, here they come.

  • I want a Lamborghini Aventador, no a Porsche 911 Turbo, no a Mclaren MP4-12c, no no a Spyker C8. I can’t decide so I want one of each.
  • I want marshmallows to be a food group. I want to eat them all day and not have to throw up from it.
  • I want to fight WWII as a real life video game.
  • I want to do whatever I want, job wise. Never mind that I’m not good enough to play safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

These are my new rights, so you should figure out how you’re going to make it all happen for me. I have no idea how it’s all going to work, especially that real life video game stuff, but that’s not my problem. I want it all. I want. I want. I want.

I want it. Come on, it’s an investment.


Book Review: Sex, Lies, and Handwriting By Michelle Dresbold

5 Sep

Sex, Lies, and Handwriting by Michelle Dresbold is a fascinating read and look into the world of psychoanalysis based on your handwriting.

Believe it or not, your handwriting reflects who you are as a person. The way you shape your letters and words can reveal a lot about you. Dresbold does an outstanding job pointing out the areas to look for in your own or someone else’s writing to try and create a better picture of them.

Could your colleague be a murderer? Could your significant other have sexual issues? Is your boss deceptive and sneaky? Is your neighbor insecure or perhaps a perfectionist?

If you can analyze the way they write their G’s, P’s, and J’s you might be able to find out. Dresobld use’s real life examples of writing analysis to teach you and you’ll soon be on your way to look at your own handwriting out of secret worry.

Though Dresbold does a good job teaching them, it is hard to remember all the differences right from the start. You can surely remember a few that will stand out, if you really want to learn this skill, you’ll have to practice, practice, practice and keep this book as a key reference.

Of course even doing it for fun or as a party trick might be enjoyable as well. As long as one of your guests isn’t a sociopathic murderer.

Listed at 300-pages the book is a breeze to read through. The chapters are small and the pages are regularly broken up with images of writing samples.

Sex, Lies, and Handwriting makes for an excellent choice when you have a few hours to kill waiting.

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