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What Hope Is There for This Next Generation in College

9 Sep

Somehow, someway, someone linked this article though I can’t remember who or where. Whoever it was thank you.

The article in mention is this one, “What Hope Is There for This Next Generation in College“, by Burt Folsom.

It’s a very interesting historical perspective on what the United States economic response has typically been when facing/recovering stressful events and times during it’s history.

Of course it’s also important to point out that in each of those circumstances the United States not only recovered but grew it’s presence on the worlds stage.

Perhaps today we should take a lesson from history. It’s usually a prudent choice.


At least it won’t creep up on us

24 Jul

From the BBC;

Drug-resistant HIV ‘on increase’ in sub-Saharan Africa

Apparently people with HIV in Africa can help create a drug resistant form of AIDS by not sticking to drug regimes.

Great. I mean if there’s a place where you want unmonitored growth of a drug resistant form of AIDS it’s Africa.

We’re fortunate in the United States to have real problems like dealing with the gun-control “debate” stemming from the once a year nutjob shooting story we recently had.

You didn’t succeed on your own museum planned

19 Jul

Days after President Obama stated that no one succeeds in America without government help, the Mars candy company has given $5 million dollars to open an American Enterprise exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

The exhibit will showcase American business and innovation dating back to the 1700’s.

Have to wonder if the main exhibits will be American inventions and success stories or samples of the the government assistance that got made them successful like the book anchor sized rules and regulations book?

I for one hope they have a live-action example of a government bureaucracy office so we can see just what they do all day. Of course even better would be a government lawyer in action. Perhaps they can include an interactive piece as well, maybe one where the visitors attempt to sneak a cupcake into a cafeteria.

M&M maker Mars gives Smithsonian $5M for exhibit from CBSNEWS

In Soviet Russia…

3 Jul

Looks like one Florida teenager forgot the rules about the old russian reversal.

You might be wondering, “If he’s in Florida, why would there be a russian reversal?”

Because he was playing Russian Roulette. And lost.


What We’ve Got Here Is Failure To Communicate

29 Mar

I saw this segment on Bill O’Reilly last night. While the crux of the story centers around Trayvon Martin, I’m not talking about that, but rather the big picture that’s being discussed in this video.

At :55 seconds in, the first guest, Faith Jenkins, makes the point that too many people are trying to get something out of this case and that’s just wrong. Agreed.

However when O’Reilly talks to the other guest, Jasmyne Cannick, she says that this is the culmination of years of frustration of being racially profiled. Agreed.

Back to Jenkins who acknowledged the point of profiling to best identify crime when the statistics point to most crimes being committed to young, black males. Jenkins states that profiling sometimes crosses the line (around the 4:20-4:30 mark).

That was the big point. Of course profiling crosses the line, you’re picking on someone for an external factor simply because the greater probability that other people who also possess that factor happen to criminally inclined, I.E., skin color.

Profiling crosses the line because race is that “line”. It may not be fair, but that’s reality.

Life is tough for black people in America, many people write you off right from the start, being black in America comes with it’s own struggles. This is not a secret, we all know these problems exist.

But, is the police department to blame for profiling all young black males, because too large a percentage of them have criminal records, or should more (though certainly not all) of the blame fall onto a black culture in America that hasn’t done enough to prevent these young-males from going astray?

Surely many people in Black America do try their best to keep these problems from growing. However it’s clear that despite their noble intentions and best efforts they are too few in numbers to be able to keep pace with the downward trajectory of their own race.

The essential question is “Who should be most responsible for the general perception of black people in America?”

Should white America be more accepting of all aspects of black culture regardless  or should black America be more accepting of white culture? This question is the core of the chasm that divides America on race. This is not a perceived chasm existing only in space, it is real and exists in every city in the country.

Additionally, with the attention given to “hoodies” now as the rallying point in the Martin case, is the answer really more people wearing an article of clothing that already got a kid profiled and killed or is time to reverse course and shun the attitudes and ideas that have gotten us to this point?

Hello world!

7 Mar

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