Redrawing the map of Europe

21 Aug

I came across this fairly humorous video “Redrawing the map of Europe” by the Economist.

While it is mocking and humorous it does present a ring of truth to it as well.



20 Aug

This video has been making the rounds today.

It goes well with this one that’s began making the rounds a few days ago.

They contrast quite well and one serves as quite a good form of vindication of the others purpose.

Biden’s buddy get’s dough

18 Aug

Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. This time is the report that his “good friend” is receiving a $20 million loan from the federal government to open a luxury car dealership in Ukraine as reported by the Daily Caller.

Two problems.

First is whether or not the money will be paid back. I don’t entirely have a problem with the government spending money giving businesses loans, so long as they pay it back. However with what we’ve seen from the Obama Whitehouse and its knack for picking losers its not exactly a policy that should be pursued with vigor considering how much has already been lost.

However, as a sidenote to this point, it should be asked, if you’re already a successful car dealership owner how do you not have enough money to fund your own business plans? Makes me think is just smart enough to know he doesn’t have to put his own money on the line.

Second, as someone who has spent several seeks in Ukraine earlier this year I am quite fond of that nation and also a bit familiar with it. One thing my familiarity tells me is that $20 million dollars goes a long way in Ukraine. I can’t imagine it costing $20 million dollars to open two car dealerships and that is only compounded by what it might cost in Hryvna.

As part of experience in Ukraine I noticed a lack of concern on a lot of construction projects and little details that tend to go unnoticed typically, such as unfinished sidewalks in front of banks. As a came to learn, as nice as Ukraine is, a lot of corruption and graft prevents most work from being completed because the right people simply haven’t received their cut and won’t give their approval.

I wonder if US taxpayers will be happy paying for the bribes in order to get this dealership completed if not they should at least be prepared to be funding a half finished project.

The jester distracts the royal court

18 Aug

In all the talk about Vice President Biden’s gaffe-proneness due to his latest statement from the video above, one thing that is being neglected in the discussion is the context of what was said. Sure Biden’s a goof, and that’s not exactly something you want in a VP, but lets put that aside and look at what he was trying to say rather than the ridiculous way he did it.

VP Biden, as part of the democrat talking point, has stated that Mitt Romney and the republicans want to “unchain” wall street, and that that in turn would put the citzenry “back in chains”.

Yes republicans want to ease up the regulations that choke not only the banking and financial sectors but every sector of the economy.

Still the main point in unchaining the banking/financial industries is that they will then be allowed to operate freely and also be held responsible for their actions. Allow them to be independent and void of any and all government butt covering bailouts.


The follies of fools

16 Aug

Today illegal immigrants are allowed to file paperwork to allow themselves to stay in the United States.

Here’s a CBS News video on the matter.

Here’s another video on illegal immigrants though this one from the actions on the matter in Europe.

A bit of a noticeable contrast. Good news is that as the Europeans attempt to undo their own destruction they created through socialism the United States is making efforts to embrace their failed policies. How is that good news? 60 years of socialist destruction later the United States might get back to principals again. Too bad we’ll all be dead by then and the nation will be so ravaged it won’t be worth taking back.

Book Review; About Face by Colonel David Hackworth

14 Aug

About Face; The Odyssey of an American Warrior by Colonel David H. Hackworth is the memoirs of it’s authors experience’s as an officer of the United States Army in the second half of the twentieth century.

Hackworths 26 years of service starting as a 16 year-old enlisted man to his retirement as a colonel in 1971 serves almost as much as a history of the US Army of that time as well as his own.

Hackworths journey from a young enlisted soldier in post World War II occupied Europe, to several tours in both Korea and Vietnam, show his transformation from idealistic to fed-up due to his passion for America and the men he fought with and led.

Hackworth was a no-nonsense leader. A combat soldier who knew his job and grew disappointed at the politics of war over his career.

Hackworths criticisms of the US military and military industries stand as much today as they did more than twenty years ago when the book was first published.

The criticisms come justly as Hackworth relates his story of service while showing the right way and wrong way of doing things.

About Face is simply a book of many faces. The war stories and action packed recollections of battle read like a novel. Information for military leaders and enthusiasts is shown in Hackworths sharing of the knowledge of warfare. And of course as an introspective political look at the US Military.

Finishing this large and well written book may instill one of two feelings in you. You may feel the desire to join the military in an effort to straighten out this capably glorious yet seemingly lost organization or you feel the desire to distance yourself as far as possible from it due to the feeling of contempt it may create in you.

Made my day

6 Aug

Normally political endorsements are a waste of breath. Someone else’s preference shouldn’t affect your own opinion, and that stand times 10 for celebrity endorsements considering how clueless they generally are.

However here’s one that I respect. Clint Eastwood.

Not only do I respect Eastwood for never making a fool of himself, but that he’s actually smart and has made the choice that millions of other intelligent Americans have made. That Mitt Romney, though not perfect is a far better candidate for President than President Obama.

A brain is a terrible thing to waste

3 Aug

Here’s a story from the Charlotte Observer;

Busload of undocumented U.S. residents to protest at DNC

The bus riders are all illegal immigrants traveling to Charlotte to protest at the DNC. There is such a lack of logic here it’s hard to know where to start.

First why would you protest the people who are helping you? The Democrats can’t push Americans out of the way fast enough to help illegals so why did they choose to protest there?

Then there’s this line from the article,

The bus riders say they plan to use “civil disobedience” to draw attention to law-enforcement tactics they view as unfairly targeting them.

Your plan to draw attention to what you view as “unfair” law enforcement tactics is to purposely antagonize law enforcement? S0unds like they really thought this through.

But it gets better, here’s some quotes from the article by illegals participating in the protest.

“We are tired of the injustice,” said Fernando Lopez, 21, who came to the United States from Mexico and now lives in Phoenix. “We are tired of the indignity.”

“I want people to know the real me,” said Torres, who also lives in Phoenix. “We’re living in a cage of gold. It’s gold but we’re not free.”
Really? You have to suffer injustice, indignity, lack of freedom?
Rather ironic since you weren’t offered those things since you just ran across the border anyway.
You’re not supposed to be here. You don’t get justice, dignity, and freedom simply for being present it’s reserved to citizens only.
Does everyone in the stadium at the Super Bowl get a championship ring? Does anyone who sits in on classes at Harvard get a degree?
No. Just because you were there doesn’t mean you did the work or earned it.
They said it themselves, it’s a cage of gold. They’re surrounded by gold that they aren’t even entitled to and yet they’re complaining.
It’s astonishing.
Does a thief who breaks into a house with less than impressive wares wait for the owner to come home and complain that they should get better stuff for him to steal?
This is utterly ridiculous. Not only are these people illegally in the country, but they have the gall to complain that we aren’t doing enough for them.
And you wonder why most Americans are staunchly against immigration.

China shows that the past is the future

1 Aug

Feeling justified that the Olympics are now a sham, I haven’t watched one moment of coverage. Still I’m aware what’s going on and I’ve read some articles online to be keep up with the latest stories.

One of the biggest stories is of female Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen swimming a remarkably fast final leg. Cool.

Doping allegations and Chinese integrity issues aside there’s an article from the Daily Mail titled;

 Forging of the Mandarin mermaid: How Chinese children are taken away from their families and brutalised into future Olympians

The premise of the article is how China’s Olympic training programs are akin to “19th century prisons”.

Kind of says something doesn’t it? China treats like people like a 19th century prison and they win Olympic medals. The United States and the western world treats it’s actual prisoners like resort guests and they end up right back where they left off when they get out and at great cost to the taxpayers.

China clearly shows that the way forward is by looking to the past.

Thought provoking posts

31 Jul

There is a great post about the Chickfila fiasco by Donlak titled “The Emperor Has No Clothes“.

While my original thought on the matter, and others like it, is similar to his ‘who cares’ statement, I like how he took things to the next level with his take on the larger blindness of consumers in America.

Go read his post for a dose of realism.

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