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You’re joking right?

7 Sep

Didn’t watch Obama’s speech last night. Actually forgot it was even on, not that I would have watched anyway.

But here’s the gist that I get from the paper. Barack’s plan is better, though it’s also going to be harder.

Does he mean legimately tougher like people have to suck it up and deal with a little hardship now to have prosperity later or harder in the sense that it’s going to make everything more difficult.

I’m sure he thinks it’s choice A, but reality says it’s choice B. Why?

After 4 years he still has’t done anything to improve America’s odds in the future. He hasn’t done anything that makes it tougher for now while moving towards a stronger future. Evidence in the record high unemployment, disability roles, and food stamps.

You know what would be hard, people not spending their entire lives on government assistance. Illegal immigrants being dealt with definitively and not allowed to walk the streets free and unafraid of prosecution. The government making an effort to being cutting the $16 trillion deficit it currently has, the interest alone on which is too much for us to pay for. Or even the government cutting the size of it’s employee ranks, perhaps we could start with the TSA.

Obama says the republicans have no plan or they don’t want us to see it. But really if they have no plan what’s the difference? What would be different if it’s Mitt Romney running around with no plans or Obama.

Seems like the biggest difference is that Mitt Romney has actually done stuff before, whereas looking back at Obamas career what we find is a freshmen Senator who managed to merely vote present most of the time.

Lead, Follow or get the hell out of the way!


4 more years! (Cause the last 16 were so productive)

21 Jun

Welcome Home Drama. In case you didn’t know I’m back from 5 weeks in Eastern Europe. Which explains why I haven’t posted since mid May. It was enjoyable but also an experience to demonstrate the need to avoid communism/socialism at all costs.

Trying to get back into the blog and looking for material. Fast and Furious seems to be coming to a crescendo. Why?

How long has it been and we’re still working on this issue? What exactly has been done in the meantime that was so important it was prioritized over this? Bueller, Bueller, anyone, anyone? Can anyone think of a piece of amazing, mind-blowing legislation that’s been completed lately that’s kept congress so busy?

Watch the video to see the political theatre in action. We see the democrats claiming this investigation is absurd and a political stunt and then the republicans making their claims that the President and AG are blocking the investigation and being political. It’s all absurd.

Regardless of your point of view, can’t we all agree that the politicians are at least useless. There’s an issue, they want it looked into, so let’s look into it and get it over with. Why does this have to take years and years?

Here’s how it should work. “Hey we’d like to see those documents so we can see if anything nefarious went on here” “Ummm, I don’t know if we have them….” “Okay, well turn them over or your in contempt” “Here you go” “Thank you much, we’ll be in touch”.

Done. Issue solved.

The speed of Congress’ logic

We elect these twits to office for 4 or 6 year periods and you really have to wonder just how much work do they actually do? When’s the last time you can actually say Congress¬†DID¬† something? Kind of makes you think a monarchy might be worth it, if things at least get done.

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