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NYC Boys in Blue Protect and Serve Their Pensions and Privelage

26 Aug

A little story is making it’s way to the corners of the internet regarding the recent Empire State building shooting fracas in New York City.

The crux of the story is that of the 9 people wounded during the events, all 9 of them were wounded by shots fired by the NYPD.

It’s been stated that both officers have never before fired their guns on the job. Though you can’t blame them for not firing their weapons on patrol if the opportunity doesn’t present itself. However you have to wonder how much training the had in target selection and aiming their weapons.

Considering how every single police officer in the nation will state how their safety is their biggest concern in everything they do, you’d expect them to be able to ensure their safety by knowing how to use their guns.

Then again this was in NYC so perhaps these officers suffered from a lack of time to complete that training, what with the sexual harassment courses, and learning how to spot illegal big gulps, firearms training has to take a backseat to the important stuff.

Once again a police department displays it’s complete lack of truth in the “Protect and Serve” motto. The only thing most police departments/officers care about is federal funding, pensions, and the privilages of ‘bending’ the laws in their favor.

For more details read the stories on the thetruthaboutguns.com or theblaze.com



War on Women, War on Intelligence

23 Aug

With the Democrat/Media playing up the narrative of a Republican war on women, the Democrats are set to have Sandra Fluke speak at their convention in Charlotte.

Here’s a small quote of hers previously;

“This controversy is not an accident, or a mistake, or an isolated incident,” Fluke wrote. “It’s a reflection of a Republican Party whose policies are dangerous for women.”

As one statement it well summarizes the narrative the media and democrats are trying to create.

If that many women really believe that a Republican victory will cause them to be chained to the kitchen, then perhaps they should be.

For the sake of humanity and the integrity of the United States if they’re really that naive and foolish perhaps it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep them locked up and away from anything even remotely important.

The follies of fools

16 Aug

Today illegal immigrants are allowed to file paperwork to allow themselves to stay in the United States.

Here’s a CBS News video on the matter.

Here’s another video on illegal immigrants though this one from the actions on the matter in Europe.

A bit of a noticeable contrast. Good news is that as the Europeans attempt to undo their own destruction they created through socialism the United States is making efforts to embrace their failed policies. How is that good news? 60 years of socialist destruction later the United States might get back to principals again. Too bad we’ll all be dead by then and the nation will be so ravaged it won’t be worth taking back.

A brain is a terrible thing to waste

3 Aug

Here’s a story from the Charlotte Observer;

Busload of undocumented U.S. residents to protest at DNC

The bus riders are all illegal immigrants traveling to Charlotte to protest at the DNC. There is such a lack of logic here it’s hard to know where to start.

First why would you protest the people who are helping you? The Democrats can’t push Americans out of the way fast enough to help illegals so why did they choose to protest there?

Then there’s this line from the article,

The bus riders say they plan to use “civil disobedience” to draw attention to law-enforcement tactics they view as unfairly targeting them.

Your plan to draw attention to what you view as “unfair” law enforcement tactics is to purposely antagonize law enforcement? S0unds like they really thought this through.

But it gets better, here’s some quotes from the article by illegals participating in the protest.

“We are tired of the injustice,” said Fernando Lopez, 21, who came to the United States from Mexico and now lives in Phoenix. “We are tired of the indignity.”

“I want people to know the real me,” said Torres, who also lives in Phoenix. “We’re living in a cage of gold. It’s gold but we’re not free.”
Really? You have to suffer injustice, indignity, lack of freedom?
Rather ironic since you weren’t offered those things since you just ran across the border anyway.
You’re not supposed to be here. You don’t get justice, dignity, and freedom simply for being present it’s reserved to citizens only.
Does everyone in the stadium at the Super Bowl get a championship ring? Does anyone who sits in on classes at Harvard get a degree?
No. Just because you were there doesn’t mean you did the work or earned it.
They said it themselves, it’s a cage of gold. They’re surrounded by gold that they aren’t even entitled to and yet they’re complaining.
It’s astonishing.
Does a thief who breaks into a house with less than impressive wares wait for the owner to come home and complain that they should get better stuff for him to steal?
This is utterly ridiculous. Not only are these people illegally in the country, but they have the gall to complain that we aren’t doing enough for them.
And you wonder why most Americans are staunchly against immigration.

Gun Control Letters

29 Jul

The News & Views section of the Detroit Free Press is the editorial, opinion page and also where you’ll find the letters to the editor.

It’s one of my favorite sections of any newspaper because it allows the opportunity to witness peoples foolish thoughts. 

This weeks feature was about a gun control column previously printed in the paper.

I’d like to share a few of the statements that Free Press readers wrote in with and then add my commentary.

“The Second Amendment was written in a time when the common arms were muskets that shot a single round…if the founding fathers were alive today, they would think that we are insane to allow what is happening to continue”

By that logic we should be allowed to own slaves because they were available when the constitution was written. This writer was correct though, the founding fathers would think we are insane, but now for allowing what she thinks is the problem. They’d shake their heads at us for pussy-footing around while real problems take hold of our country, while our freedoms are eroded and the nation is turned in a controlling police state.

“I hope there are NRA members who don’t want to own military weapons designed only for killing people”.

Of course there are, they prefer non-military weapons designed to kill people.

“Sales of guns and ammo over the internet, without background checks should be outlawed”

What do you know, they are. Guns cannot be purchased online and shipped to your house. However you can order them online and have them sent to a dealer where you can then receive the weapon after following proper channels.

“Canada has hunters. Canada has gun control laws. Canada does not have mass shootings every three or four months”

My first thought was of the mall shooting I heard of in Toronto just recently, in fact on June 2. But as I googled the “Toronto mall shooting”(which would be the Eaton Centre Shooting) I also learned one of the Colorado victims was at the Toronto shooting.

“I am a conservative and own a gun, but she was spot on when she said their is no rationale for anyone to own assault weaponry”

Yes, because there’s such a thing as non-assault weapons. Despite the misleading title of “assault weapons”, and the reference to them as military style weapons, despite them being anything but military weapons, what difference does it make? A gun is a gun no matter what it looks like. Their is no need for any dazzling suburbanite to own an SUV but they still do.

“Owning a gun for personal protection is own thing. Owning an arsenal is quite another.”

Owning a computer is one thing, owning a Mac is quite another. Owning a home coffee brewer is one thing, stopping at a store every morning for “gourmet” coffee is quite another. What’s your point? You can own a hundred guns if you want, you can still only shoot one at a time.

“…but what citizen of this land needs to own an assault rifle?”

What citizen needs to own a ipad, or a Lexus, or 18 pairs of shoes, or air conditioning, or a flowbee?

“I would like to know why all emergency exit doors, in any building, don’t have sirens on them. When that door was propped open, a siren would have alerted the movie theater workers to investigate.”

So they could promptly receive a slug in the chest. While movie theaters do not, every other emergency exit has an alarm and the purpose isn’t to draw moths to the flame but to alert others to evacuate regardless of reason or desire to investigate.

And last but not least,

“Are we just going to let it go on to the point where we are all armed and shooting each other..”

This reader-writer, thought we were stuck in a wild-west mentality. Strange thing though, of all that shooting and gun-fighting at the OK corral and robbing the stage city pine, hardly anyone actually took part in such activities during that era.  Further still, it’s amazing that the writer of this letter has even lived this long considering the lawless, anarchic society they apparently live in where death and violence are a daily occurence that have numbed any emotional response.

The problem with discussions and debates is that so often they are permeated with utter fool who don’t know the lessons of the past, the reality of  the present and therefore can’t possibly understand how the future should be.

French pick a fight they can win

29 Jul

Turns out the French like a good fight after all. Just turns out they are picky on their enemies, in this case…Madonna.

I still predict a draw.

French Madonna fans are upset that a Madonna concert only lasted for 45 minutes, despite the normal cost of tickets, between 80-280 euros.

The situation is bad enough to pay that much for a ticket for only a 45 minute concert, but it gets twice as bad when you really it was a Madonna concert in the first place.

The event is the 2nd French controversy the for Madonna in recent weeks after displaying an image of French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her face during a recent performance in France.

At this concert relating to that situation Madonna made the statement “I know that I made a certain Marine Le Pen very angry with me. And it’s not my intention to make enemies, it’s my intention to promote tolerance. And when we start saying that we have to get rid of this person or we have to get rid of that person, because then we’ll have a better place, it starts to sound like something else, it starts to sound like something scary. So the next time you want to point the finger at somebody and blame them for a problem in your life, take that finger and point it back at you.”

Don’t you just love the fact that she’s completely ignorant of her violating her own statement. What better way to promote tolerance than calling someone a Nazi because they have a different point of view?

The full story can be found here.

Europe fights to be white

27 Jul

From RT.com; EU plans drone network to nab illegal immigrants

The European Commission had released a proposal to deploy drones across the Mediterranean Sea to catch illegal immigrants. The surveillance effort is part of a $410 million package to bolster EU border security.

Seems a bit unnecessary. For starters, what’s the point of tracking down illegal immigrants when you allow legal immigrants to come in to your country so easily? Particularly when they can so effortlessly live off the government dole and aren’t required to assimilate.

Fortunately, for its own sake, Europe appears to be making an effort to reduce the trends it has seen erase its distinct national and continental identity in recent decades.

Still one wonders if the drone efforts will truly be effective. 

Would it not be more effective to limit legal immigration in order to curb illegal immigration? If the number of people allowed to migrate into a country is purposely kept low, then those who are illegal will stand out that much more.

The situation with immigration in Europe is not difficult to understand because it contains a visual element. Europeans are by historical nature, white. The vast majority of these immigrants are black and brown.

While maybe not possible in 100% of the cases, it is still relatively easy to pick out those who are not of European ancestry. This is not racism, it’s just fact. People from different regions look different.

Anyone who’s ever been to a Europe knows this. If you’ve been to a beach in Europe, you know it even more. If I can recall accurately from my own trip to the Adriatic coast of Italy two years ago. The Africans sold trinkets though the African women offered hair braiding, the Pakistani/Middle Easterners sold towels, sunglasses and beach toys, and the Asians offered massages. If i’m remembering correctly I believe that’s how the market was divied up.

The key point is, not a single one of those folks was any bit at all Italian. So why does Italy/EU let them in so willfully? I don’t think it can be claimed that they’re doing much to improve Italy/EU. Frankly it’s annoying having to shoo off peddlers of dollar store sunglasses and jewelry or massages. I just want to enjoy the beach and not have to pretend to be sleeping just to avoid having to say no every 2 minutes.

It’s good to see Europeans finally realizing that they’re Europeans and that they should be proud of that and not allow it to be watered down. People don’t go to Italy, Germany, France or anywhere else to see the immigrant culture. They want to see the historical culture and traditions of the countries they are visiting.

We all come from distinctly different nations, regions, and continents. Frankly if they were all the same it would be very boring. I don’t travel because I like waiting in airports so that I can wait on an airplane. I travel because I like to see different places because I’m bored of my own place. Therefore why would I want to go to a place that’s losing the distinction that makes it unique and desirable in the first place?


Bad Luck Britain

25 Jul

It’s bad news for Great Britain. From Yahoo; Britain sinks far deeper into recession than forecast

You know it’s bad when your economy was expected to shrink in the first place. Is there such a thing as better than expected economic shrinkage?

It’s like having your arm amputated at the shoulder when they originally told you it would be at the elbow. What’s the difference, it’s all bad.


It’s one thing when expected employment falls short, at least you had a positive goal, but if your expecting things to shrink what can you expect but bad news?

Is this what its come to in the west? The standards are so low that our governments are expecting the economy to shrink and yet can’t seem to manage how to find a solution(really not that hard guys).

But the article does make an effort to cheer up any Anglophiles by saying that the Olympics should provide an economic boost to London. Going on the tone of the story, after all the money is spent on the Olympics and the sales receipts are tallied up against it, Great Britain will probably lose more money than expected. But that’s okay as long as things are consistent.

If this keeps up they may have to give up the “Great” title and just simply be Britain.

What to do about PSU?

20 Jul

With Jerry Sandusky finding himself in the deepest, darkest hole of criminality and the late Joe Paterno no longer alive to share his thoughts on that matter(not that he would anyway, being as old-school as he was), the question remains as to what will happen with Penn State University.

The question is arising, what will happen to the football program? The NY Times has a discussion here, with various people writing a brief piece with their opinion on the matter.

The issue is simple and the case itself provides the reason why.

Sandusky was initially covered for and given a pass by Penn State to avoid negative publicity so the team wouldn’t suffer. This seems to be the case in all college football scandals.

So if Penn State is punished, then their justifications will prove correct.

However the issue shouldn’t go undisciplined, not only for its blatant coverup but for it’s illegality to begin with.

So what’s the NCAA to do? It’s either an all or nothing approach, punish them harshly or let it go.

The answer is actually quite simple.

When the need for a drastic change is apparent, the decision that must be made is the one that confronts the status quo. Simply ignoring the situation will entrench the current mentality, and in college football there is plenty of criminality to go around. The issue of covering up scandals and negative publicity must be blown out.

Not so that they can be more rigorously pursued, but so that the universities will begin making an enough to avoid them to begin with.

Blow out Penn State so harshly that every NCAA university will shudder from the thought of that happening to them. Then follow through will equally harsh punishments every time that a new scandal happens. Whether team violence, academic fraud, sex abuse or anything else that can and does happen.

Make the universities fear the punishment more the benefits of cheating and allowing bad behavior to permit itself in the teams.

Save the Ratholes!

13 Jul

The Detroit News had an opinion column yesterday in which the author is asking to Save the Packard Plant.

The Packard Plant is an empty factory that sits in Detroit and according to the article was closed in 1958. Considering it’s in Detroit, that should tell you all  you need to know about it’s condition. As such it is scheduled to be demolished.

The authors claim is that the Packard plant is a piece of American history as great as the USS Arizona and Omaha Beach because of its wartime manufacturing efforts. He believes the factory should be saves and preferably turned into a museum.

Why? This method of thinking pervades in these do gooder suburbanites and it makes no sense.

Overly attached suburbanite??

The authors genius argument is that since the factory has sat empty for 64 years, let it sit for another year to see if funds can be found to save it.

How about this. Instead of 1-more year, you’ve already 64 and you still haven’t done anything and you won’t do anything so quit wasting time.

The same thing happened when the tore down Tiger Stadium in Detroit. The do gooders want to save this piece of history, but they don’t realize it’s not special, it just isn’t. People aren’t going to travel across the country to see an empty baseball stadium or a wartime factory.

It’s nearly the same situation with the empty Detroit Train Depot.

Detroit is a city of eyesores, it’s a ghost city. The more they can get rid of the better.

Clear it all out, turn it into a pasture and start over.

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